About Us

NickRachelMadisonSummitNick and Rachel are high school sweethearts who discovered the joys and challenges of adventuring in the great outdoors after graduating from college. They now live in Boston, MA.

My interest in the outdoors started when I spent a summer in South Korea while doing research for my Masters’. Up until this point in my life I had struggled with staying fit but was determined to see the beautiful Korean countryside and climbed several mountains. After that I was hooked. Now I set regular hiking goals for myself (including climbing the 48 in the Whites), obsessively research gear, and am always thinking about the next exciting backpacking trip! I’ve climbed the NH48 and am currently working on my Winter 48.

I grew up in New England and have fond memories of going on many day hikes with my family. After leaving home I focused on other hobbies in college, but later on rediscovered the outdoors through rock climbing. Once Nick came back from South Korea I had a renewed interest to do what I had enjoyed so much as a child. Except this time to do bigger and more exciting trips than ever before including backpacking and winter hiking. I’m particularly interested in sharing my experiences with trips, gear, and fitness training as a petite lady.

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